Thoughtware is derived from technologies which are composed of three components: hardware, software, and thoughtware.  The analogy between thoughtware and software is intentional because just as software is critical in the performance of computers and must continually be upgraded, it is also true of salesperson’s thoughtware. All components must be present and operating in order for salespeople to succeed.  The thoughtware component is the array of techniques, attitudes, conceptual frameworks, and methods of approach that salespeople learn and ultimately bring to bear in their daily work activities.  It’s what makes the other stuff work.

Selling ASAP Thoughtware is a program that encourages salespeople to think about the ways in which they approach, organize and apply skills on behalf of a business and its supporting systems and assets. Thought is the ancestor of all action. Salesperson thinking is the basis for everything they do and all behavior is rooted in thought. The sum of a salesperson’s thinking and their subsequent collective interaction is the mastermind of performance. Change the thoughtware to one of a relationship focus and the salesperson will change him/herself and create an unmatched capability to handle the future – whatever it is.  Thoughtware transcends change and creates a new context in which any and all strategic and tactical efforts have the optimum opportunity for success. With new thoughtware salespeople can build a customer relationship platform on which management process and change grow and renew as a naturally corollary of their thinking and interaction.

Selling ASAP Thoughtware for the salesperson is the catalytic converter of information into knowledge. It doesn’t promote just another new management concept like reengineering or some re-tooled leadership dogma, but it will help salespeople effect lasting change, all based on a focus on long-term customer relationships.  With such a focus, there will be less need for so many prescriptions for change which are not sustainable without changing the underlying fundamental thinking in the business.

The thoughtware championed by Selling ASAP represents ideas designed to induce sales professionals to re-think the way they approach, organize and apply their skills.  The re-thinking has its foundation in everyone asking “what would my constituents think?” about the decisions that occur in the normal context of their jobs.  Thus, the change in actual job activities may be minimal.  How one thinks about one’s job, from a relationships perspective, is where the high impact of thoughtware can be realized.

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