Little Things, Part 4

Giving grows communities. It also grows business. We've talked about giving time. Giving resources is also a great habit to acquire. In my darkest financial days, my then new bride Elizabeth encouraged me to be more generous with our financial resources. It was a...

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Little Things: Part 5

Here’s another important little thing - do the excellent work promptly. While you may have many things on your desk, your client may not be able to take the next step until you’ve completed your work. Help the client move to the next project or deal. The more the...

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Your Sales Passport: Part 2

Each passport tells a global sales story, which will feature some information about a sales organization and its activities in overseas markets.  The passports will also include some information about how salespeople must prepare for sales calls in nations around the...

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Telephone 5

Give your best contacts your cell and home numbers. Here’s a balance point. This says your "best" contacts, not your 100 best contacts. A handful of my clients have my cell and home phones (although my home phone is listed), but I try to keep that to a very short...

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Go Higher

Take time to think broadly about how you make a difference in the world. Making a difference and doing what matters should drive and motivate you.  Communicate your purpose in how you work and interact with everyone around you and the response will be amazing....

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Success Leaves Clues – In Customer Service

When you think of Customer Service, what is the first thing that pops into your mind?  Something positive, negative, a story, a recent event in your company or personal experience?  Customer Service, while something we try and simplify can become highly complex and...

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The Art of Professional Selling