Giving grows communities. It also grows business.

We’ve talked about giving time. Giving resources is also a great habit to acquire.

In my darkest financial days, my then new bride Elizabeth encouraged me to be more generous with our financial resources. It was a strange request, because, as I said, those were my darkest financial days. It didn’t seem to make sense. Having respect for Elizabeth’s wisdom, however, I tried it.

What I learned was that giving changed my heart. I became more open, more compassionate, more willing to listen, more flexible. I believe that change made me more approachable and likable. People like to do business with people they like, I learned.

Now is a good time to stretch our giving. Times are tough; they are particularly tough on the non-profit organizations that serve the needy and try to make our communities better. Consider digging a little deeper in your pocket this year. It may change your heart. You’ll like the change.

Good hunting.