The “gift of gab” does not necessarily mean success in professional selling. You must fully understand the art and science of the profession.  The science part is a series of sequential actions, such as how to prepare for that important meeting with a prospective client— this is the Preparation phase (Chapter 3). The Attention phase (Chapter 4) is the next stage in the process in which you effectively grab the attention of your prospect – usually in the first 15 seconds of the sales call. The next phase is Examination (Chapter 5), a very thoughtful way of asking the right questions followed by Prescription (Chapter 6); prescribing a solution based on what you found in the examination phase.  And then Convicting and Motivating the prospect (to take the appropriate buying action), and Completing the transaction and Partnering with the prospect (Chapters 7 & 8). The art of selling is how you apply the science. Welcome to Selling ASAP!

Dr. Eli Jones is author of Selling ASAP and dean of Louisiana State University’s E. J. Ourso College of Business and the E. J. Ourso Distinguished Professor of Business