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Selling ASAP: Art, Science, Agility, Performance

Selling ASAP: Art, Science, Agility, Performance is a “recipe book” for how to achieve your sales objectives by better anticipating prospects’ and clients’ wants and needs and by prescribing solutions that build value over time. Personal selling is experiencing a dramatic shift due to radically changing customer expectations. Customers want trusted advisors, not just product experts. They want value, not just performance. They want solutions, not just products.

Learn processes and techniques of selling.
Lasting mutually beneficial customer relationships.
Become a trusted business adviser.
Provides practical tips backed by solid research.
Generate repeat customers and referrals.
“This book is better than any other sales book I’ve read. It sets itself apart by not only displaying each step of the sales process, but also by showing the importance of each step and different ways to approach them. I would recommend this book to anyone aspiring to be a better salesperson. It is easy to read and extremely helpful.”
- J.R.

Selling ASAP Book

Selling ASAP:

Art, Science, Agility, Performance

Blends the timely and timeless components of selling professionally in today’s rapidly changing business environment. The authors bridge sound academic research and solid business practices to create a unique sales book on how to build a successful business in sales and become a trusted advisor for your clients, which generates repeat customers and referrals.

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