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Welcome to Selling ASAP, the online home for sales professionals. Selling ASAP is more than a book, it is an online community of sales professionals devoted to advancing sales as a profession. Whether you’re an experienced sales professional looking to “sharpen the saw,” or someone new to the profession and looking for ideas from some of the leading sales experts, this community forum offers helpful tips and tools to maximize your time and enhance your performance.

"Selling ASAP is a great reference book for those who already understand the fundamentals of sales and want to brush up on their skills. It discusses a breadth of personal selling topics and presents the information in an easy to read fashion. I would recommend Selling ASAP to all students in sales-based classes as well as salespeople today. I believe it did a great job confirming what has been learned in our sales class, as well as giving its readers additional tips and techniques to apply in selling."     ~ S.B.

"Another big impression this book had on me is when I visited website, and discovered the defending national champion of the National Collegiate Sales Completion uses it daily. I had the pleasure of meeting Mykayla Goodwin in Georgia last year and watching her perform. She is by far the best young salesperson I have ever met and seen, which builds great credibility for this book knowing that she is an avid user. I would recommend this book to any person with an interest in sales."     ~ J.L.

"Overall, Selling ASAP is a useful tool for teaching sales. Its focus on both the customer and seller at each point makes it an in depth tool that can be referenced at any point in a sellers career, not just as a student. The only aspect I personally would change is to add additional focus to time management. Personally I enjoyed the writer’s tone and expression on the subject matter and felt it was a fresh look at concepts that we have covered continuously over the semester."     ~ J.T.

"Selling ASAP manages to capture attention as it reads as a better fit to reality as opposed to standard format of academia in textbooks."     ~ M.S.

"Eli Jones was one of the first people that I met at LSU during my college orientation before my freshman year. He was a huge impact on my decision to major in Marketing, so reading the words of him and his colleagues is viewed as a gold mine of knowledge for me. The book left a positive impression on me and has taught me some major techniques and skills in how to be a highly effective consultative and relationship seller."     ~ S.F.

"This book is better than any other sales book I've read. It sets itself apart by not only displaying each step of the sales process, but also by showing the importance of each step and different ways to approach them. I would recommend this book to anyone aspiring to be a better salesperson. It is easy to read and extremely helpful."     ~ J.R.

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