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Selling ASAP:

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Combines both timely and time-less components of selling to help professionals achieve their sales objectives in today’s fast-paced business world. With practical tips and innovative sales techniques, this invaluable guide stresses the importance of viewing a sale not as a one-time encounter, but as an opportunity to build a long-lasting mutually beneficial relationship.


With blog posts and videos, the Selling ASAP website provides additional resources for the up and coming sales professionals who are looking to position themselves above the toughest competition.  

Hone your selling skills and learn how to become a trusted advisor.

What Readers Are Saying…

“I wanted to thank you again for sending a copy of your book, Selling ASAP, last spring after I was fortunate enough to be named the 2013 National Collegiate Sales Competition undergraduate winner. Your research and innovative sales techniques have been extremely helpful, so much so that I returned to the competition and won the graduate level of NCSC just last week. With your help, I improved my needs identification questions and learned how to better approach a close. I took your book to every sales practice and referenced it throughout the entire process. Thank you again for guidance.”

– Mykayla Goodwin, A national sales competition winner

“I found Selling ASAP to be a great complement to the lessons taught in my Professional Selling course, particularly topics on Active Listening, Attention-Getters, and How Buyers Buy. The students seemed to be more persuaded that they could have a successful career in sales after reading Selling ASAP; because it is not only grounded in academic research, but also informed from real sales experience from actual salespeople. Many students commented that they will refer back to the book as they maneuver throughout the ups and downs of a sales career. After using Selling ASAP for multiple semesters, I absolutely believe it provides a needed perspective that enhances the students’ learning experience. I highly recommend Selling ASAP to instructors that really want their students to excel in the field of sales.”

– Professor McDowell Porter III, M.B.A.

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